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January 2006
Abandon the Hippo, crawl to Mommy for a closeup
Walking with the Hippo
First wobbly walking with help

February 2006
Sorta walking with the hamper
Playing peekaboo with a blanket

March 2006
Learning to throw a ball
Walking with the dog food canister
Here it is - the first unassisted walk caught on video!
Bouncing a basketball with Mommy
October 2005
Laughing at Mommy
November 2005
Standing at the baby gate and starting to baby-babble
First stand-up on something
Crawling for Daddy on the speakerphone
First crawl (Army-style!)
December 2005
Mommy's turkey chili
Banging on the piano
Standing on his play table and talking
July 2005
Chomping down on a spoonful of peas
Laughing at Mommy
August 2005
Laughing with Grandpa Trippet
First roll-over
September 2005
Bouncing in the jumper
Laughing at Daddy

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