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Confused about the 2nd
21 September 2004 - Orange County Register

Letter-writer Bob Macias appears to be of two minds regarding the Second Amendment. First he quotes it in arguing against another letter-writer’s statement that gun ownership is a right of all law-abiding Americans by asserting that the right to bear arms is guaranteed only to a militia. Then he flip-flops and attacks the gun ownership of a hypothetical present-day militia, defining them as a group of anarchists, all pointing their guns at the public. Which is it?

In his rush to join the anti-gun bandwagon, he forgot that when the Second Amendment was written, every able-bodied male over 14 was a de facto member of the militia – the public was the militia! That would make Mr. Macias an “anarchist” himself. But I doubt he would be pointing his gun at himself or his neighbors – probably just the criminals and foreign invaders the Second Amendment was written to provide defense against.

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