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Wake up the legislature
29 September 2004 - Orange County Register

Letter-writer Jerome Greenblatt certainly has a point in his denunciation of the 165-page Voter Information Guide and the plethora of propositions facing every California voter in November. He joins millions of others in mourning the slow decay of our republic’s representative democracy into the mire of a direct democracy’s referendums - vulnerable to abuse, corruption, and misinformation.

Mr. Greenblatt thinks firing them is the answer - it’s certainly more compelling than the further increase in ballot measures that would result from a part-time legislature. If our state legislators prefer to work their own agendas rather than represent us like they were elected to do, here’s an idea: support challengers over incumbents in November!

The career politicians have had it too easy for too long - they need a wake-up call. Turn the state capitol building upside down and I bet they’d get the message real quick.

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