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Less intrusion, not more
30 September 2004 - Orange County Register

In his commentary, Assemblyman Haynes posed some very good, poignant questions to the citizens of California and the United States. Everyone who has any interest in the upcoming or future elections needs to ruminate on those questions and their personal feelings toward government intrusion into their personal and work lives.

One particularly egregious intrusion has been the Americans with Disabilities Act, which forces privately-owned businesses to provide disabled access in strictly prescribed ways rather than allowing them to voluntarily serve their customers, disabled and otherwise, in the most efficient way possible.

These intrusive regulations have allowed one individual, Jarek Molski, to sue over 200 small businesses since 2001 alone for alleged breaches of the ADA - technicalities all. This profiteer’s latest triumph has been shutting down Roy’s Drive-In, a 50-year-old fixture in Salinas. Its crime? Not having ADA-required ramps, even though Roy’s offers carhop service right to customers’ car windows.

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