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Governor's to-do list
6 October 2004 - Los Angeles Times

George Passantino and the rest of the Governorís California Performance Review deserve kudos for their work in identifying government waste and recommending solutions that will help correct the staggering budget problems that face California. The Legislative Analystís office estimates that the state faces a budget deficit of $6 billion a year for at least the next two years. The Performance Review identified $32 billion in savings over 5 years - sounds like $6 billion a year to me! The legislative and executive branches should work together to immediately implement these reforms - without politicking over voting blocks.

California, like many consumers across the state and country, has been living on credit and spending more than it makes for far too long. Consumers faced with such a dilemma canít vote themselves a pay raise at someone elseís expense, but they sure can stop spending so much money they donít have. California needs to do just that - no revenue increases and less spending!

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