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Walmart and Trader Joe's
6 October 2004 - Orange County Register

Letter-writer Taylor Gershman has been listening to the anti-Walmart screeds a little too much and needs to look around. As a resident of Yorba Linda, didn’t Gershman see the Walmart go up in Brea, right across the street from an Albertson’s and a Trader Joe’s? How about the new Trader Joe’s that just opened this year just down the street in Yorba Linda? Yep, Walmart sure is driving ‘em out of business all right.

Gershman got one thing right - the positive effects of competition. Some businesses try to be low-price leaders, others market themselves as offering different value. As long as some consumers value the little touches Trader Joe’s offers over Wal-mart - like healthier foods, fresher produce, personal service, smaller crowds and paper bags with handles - Trader Joe’s will never go out of business.

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