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None of the above
7 October 2004 - Palm Springs Desert Sun

Letter-writer Gary Rosenblum offers his own scare tactics for how horrible life will be if Bush is re-elected. Likewise, but using a more conversational tone, letter-writer Doug Brown asserts that the country and the world will change for the better with Kerry at the helm. I must respectfully disagree with both writers and argue that it will make no difference either way.

Both candidates support imperialistic military adventures around the globe, whether it's Iraq, Iran, or North Korea - and either candidate will be willing to draft our kids to fight their wars. Both candidates support centralization of power away from the states and the people. Both candidates agree that throwing ever-increasing bundles of taxpayer money at failed unconstitutional programs like Medicare and federal education is what will "fix" the nation. Neither candidate will address the looming financial meltdown coming as the Baby Boomers retire (bankrupting Social Security in the process) and the dollar continues its decline. Both are content to leave these problems to the next administration (and our kids), as countless presidents have done before them.

Bush or Kerry - I think I'll vote None Of The Above.

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