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Too much vitriol, not enough freedom
19 October 2004 - Orange County Register

The vitriol is getting thicker and thicker this election season, as letters to newspaper editors nationwide are showing. Every paperís website I visit prints letters from people who think Bush is a godsend and think Kerry will ruin the country, and from people who have heart attacks just thinking about a second Bush term and think Kerry has all the answers.

Where are the people who, instead of asking what the government will do for them, ask why the government is doing so much to them? Where are the candidates for office who, instead of listing all the things the government will do for them, list all the things theyíll stop the government from doing to them? Where are the calls for more freedom instead of consistently less?

I think Iíll order the bumper sticker I just saw online: "If we all stop voting, will they all just go away?"

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