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No thank you
19 October 2004 - Orange County Register

Two of Saturday’s letters suggested that President Bush and voters who think likewise are "ramming their religion down everyone’s throats." Ms. Rodarte’s letter even goes so far as to suggest that those who don’t want their taxes to fund abortions should give up the rest of their freedoms and leave the country.

If they want religion out of the discussion, fine. The moral issues of abortion aside, why is this kind of federal funding even being debated? Should taxpayer dollars be similarly apportioned by the federal government to pay for people’s appendectomies, knee replacements, and cough medicine? If the government shouldn’t pay for those (and in the interests of freedom and an efficient health-care market, it shouldn’t), why should it pay for abortions?

If I want to help my neighbor pay for his liposuction, I will - why should I be forced to help someone I’ve never met pay for her abortion? Let’s get government out of the lives (and out of the wallets) of the people and let each live his life as he will, rather than forcing one to pay for another’s choices.

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