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Media hype vs. facts
19 October 2004 - Orange County Register

Letter-writer Corinna Hensonís vitriol-laden monologue against President Bush is a perfect example of what an uninformed public will swallow when it relies on media hype rather than bothering to educate themselves on the facts.

Presidents donít "send our jobs overseas", businesses do, when they encounter increasingly more onerous and needless government regulation - regulation Bush is trying to roll back so fewer jobs are lost in the future.

Criminals canít legally possess automatic weapons - itís ridiculous to think Bush "allows" it. Automatic weapons have been banned from being owned even by law-abiding citizens since 1934, and neither the so-called "assault weapons ban" nor its sunset changed that in the slightest.

She could be right, however, in questioning the reasons for the Iraq war and the hostile-to-liberty PATRIOT Act. Itís too bad for advocates of freedom that both major party presidential candidates strongly support both our imperialistic foreign policy and the PATRIOT Act.

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