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Prop. 71 won't outlaw research
20 October 2004 - Palm Springs Desert Sun

Letter-writer William Spanks has swallowed the same line millions of others already have - that Prop. 71 is necessary. Most of what the supporters of this initiative would have us believe is false.

What Prop. 71 does is cost California $6 billion (that we already don't have) to fund more research that is better and more efficiently done in the private sector. It does not prohibit Mr. Spanks' hypothetical couple from donating their own frozen embryos for research, and it does not prohibit the continuation of embryonic stem cell research - though it would prohibit funding from the more mature and promising adult stem cell research.

Let me restate that - Prop. 71's defeat will not cease, prohibit or criminalize embryonic stem cell research, no matter what its supporters' cries of anguish would lead you to believe. It would live on and thrive in the private sector where it belongs. Don't let the posturing of the presidential candidates on this issue confuse you on this state initiative.

Prop. 71's defeat would keep California from falling even deeper in debt, right at the time when we need to keep the ship of state from capsizing under its own massive weight.

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