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The real protectors
4 May 2005 - Orange County Register

Bravo to letter-writer Shane Conway! Finally, a law enforcement professional who's not afraid to tell the truth about the profession's views on gun control. The public should differentiate between the brave souls who actually do put their lives on the line for the rest of us, and those administrators who depend on press coverage and political action groups for re-election every few years.

State and federal courts have repeatedly affirmed that local, state, and federal law enforcement have absolutely no legal obligation to put their lives in danger in order to stop crimes in progress or to protect a citizen. The fact that many continue to do so should elicit praise of the highest order, but also an individual sense of responsibility for oneís own safety. Since a personís safety is first and foremost their own responsibility, they should be granted every advantage and allowed use of every tool they deem necessary.

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