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Feinstein's defense of America
6 May 2005 - Orange County Register

In reading the coverage of Senator Dianne Feinsteinís Orange County speech Thursday, I found myself overjoyed! She charged the girth of the federal budget deficit and the massive foreign ownership of public debt with threatening our national security and stated that "We are capitulating our independence to other countries."

I am elated that our Honorable Senator from California is so jealously guarding the USAís sovereignty and have nothing but support for her in that endeavor - Iíll cheer the loudest every time she seeks to defend our nationís sovereignty.

I eagerly await the upcoming press conference in which she repudiates her oft-repeated goal of allowing the UN to dictate the firearm ownership rights of each and every American citizen. That is a threat to our national sovereignty even more dangerous than the trillions of dollars of foreign-owned debt she decried yesterday.

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