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Bureaucracy and unions
24 May 2005 - Orange County Register

Letter-writer Christian P. Milord (from whom we last heard a week ago Sunday crying foul over what he calls “union trashing”) praised the Register’s “Part-time work, big-time pay” article and exhorted the governor to assail these bureaucratic leeches rather than (of course) “ranting against hardworking public servants”.

Did he forget that one of the governor’s first and most ambitious reform proposals was to “blow up the boxes” of government, dismantling or shrinking some 118 boards and commissions? Or that the proposal was pummeled into submission by liberal legislators, the media, and union bosses?

After all, nobody – least of all the governor – is “ranting against hardworking public servants”. The problem exists not in the individual teachers, firefighters, and nurses, but in the untouchable union leaders who don’t walk a beat and whose only job is to peddle money and influence in aggrandizing power to themselves and to the state.

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