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The public wants representation, not frivolous laws
13 June 2005 - Orange County Register

State Senator Joe Dunn wrote on Monday defending his ammunition-microstamping bill, SB 357, asserting that voters want legislation like this. I certainly expect more thoughtful analysis from my own representatives.

We make laws by representation instead of by referendum to take advantage of legislatorsí knowledge, experience, and public debate to protect voters from things we want that would harm us more than help us. If the good senator had sought out the expertise of other state legislators with experience in this area, he would have found that similar efforts in Maryland and New York have incurred expenses of up to $4 million a year, with zero results. Marylandís state police is now calling for its ballistic fingerprinting program to be dismantled for its utter lack of results. Laws like these do not affect the criminal class in the least and infringe on the liberties of law-abiding citizens.

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