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A fine selection
2 November 2005 - Orange County Register

Letter-writer Jeanne Stacks is certainly up on the Democratic Party talking points regarding Judge Samuel Alito. Too bad she’s so out of touch with what people in the know think of him.

If she thinks he’ll "set our country back 100 years", maybe she should ask the Democrat-controlled Senate that confirmed him, 98-0, to the Third Circuit of Appeals back in 1990. That Senate included Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy.

Or she could ask legal scholar Cass Sunstein, well-known for his support of a "living" Constitution and author of Radicals in Robes: Why Extreme Right-Wing Courts Are Wrong For America, who on Tuesday said that he was "solid, more than competent, unfailingly respectful, and plausible," and that he writes opinions that are "firmly anchored in the law".

Alito is a fine selection, and everyone who knows anything about him and the legal profession seem to agree.

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