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No socialized health care
7 November 2005 - Orange County Register

Letter-writer Norman Ewers tells us that Sheila Kuehl’s SB 840 is good for both business and labor. Sure, I suppose in some twisted sense socialized health care paid for entirely by the state might be good for business (they could eliminate their voluntarily-provided employee health coverage with impunity) and for labor (they’d get what they want - more state employees).

But the complete removal of the last vestiges of a free market in the medical industry is about the WORST thing for patients (see Canada for examples) and taxpayers (didn’t we vote down this kind of state meddling with insurance the first time we saw it, when it was called Prop. 72?). I may not be business or labor, but I sure don’t want the state of California getting between me and my doctor - any more than it already is, of course.

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