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We're all hardworking people
12 February 2006 - Orange County Register

Hector Preciado of the Greenlining Institute opposes a border fence and deportation of illegal immigrant felons. He says, "We're not terrorists, just hardworking people trying to make a living." So in his view it doesn't matter if one breaks the law, as long as you're a hardworking person trying to make a living.

I can guarantee that if a hardworking person who worked 80-hour weeks at two minimum wage jobs trying to make a living refused to pay their Social Security and Medicare taxes, the government would not let them skate on breaking that law. Thanks to the situation with the Piecemakers, it's been shown that government will come down on hardworking people trying to make a living who only skirt some of Californiaís myriad business regulations - much less commit a felony.

Given this simple reality, there's no reason why any level of government should let hardworking Mexican citizens trying to make a living continue to break the law by entering this country illegally - and thatís especially true for the felons among them, who, lest we forget, are the only focus of the new Costa Mesa policy.

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