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2 April 2006 - Orange County Register
Crime prevention begins at home

25 January 2005 - Orange County Register
Privatization inherently a risk? Not necessarily

20 January 2005 - Fullerton Observer
Censorship, hospitals, and non-profit newspapers

25 September 2004 - Emailed
Regulation of broadcast media

20 November 2003 - Emailed to friends and family
Personal changes wrought by the recent CA recall election


Collected here are the column-length commentary pieces I've written and submitted to various newspapers and online outlets. Where they were chosen for publication I've linked to the printed location. The text here will be my original version, even if it was edited for publication.

My motivation for writing is not to tell readers how to think, but to inspire them to think about the issue at hand, to educate themselves and decide for themselves. I certainly don't expect unequivocal agreement with everything I've written here from every visitor - so let me know what you think! Email me here: jason(at)

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